Stacy Cruz - Balance of Love

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Gorgeous brunette Stacy Cruz kisses her lover Angelo Godshack tenderly, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Balance Of Love" begins. He admires her stunning body in sexy lingerie, before freeing her beautiful breasts from her black lace bra and caressing them lovingly. Stacy strokes Angelo’s rigid cock, then guides it into her tight pussy from behind, gasping with pleasure as he penetrates her. Big breasts bouncing, she slams back against him to drive him deeper, the bed rocking with their passionate coupling. Angelo eats Stacy’s pussy, his nose nuzzled in her fluffy bush as he licks her clit until she’s writhing through an intense orgasm, then fingerbangs her to another. She’s eager to suck his cock now, lips wrapped around the head as her hands corkscrew around the thick shaft. Straddling her man in cowgirl, she sinks down, impaling herself to the hilt. She rocks her hips sensuously as she rides, trembling and moaning through a powerful climax. Dismounting, Stacy gazes into Angelo’s eyes as she jerks his creamy cum out over her jiggling breasts, making them glisten.